What We Do

BeeEye calculates its score on the basis of a unique and innovative combination of customers’ existing financial data (already held by the financial organization), along with publicly available web data. This combination enables an organization to substantially upgrade its understanding of the individual retail customer and their needs.

Gathering web-based data and integrating it with internal financial data is enabled by our patented on-premise software architecture, the BeeEye Scoring Engine (SE), a secure, compliant solution that serves as a perfect fit for financial institutions.

How We Do It –
End to End Solution

BeeEye has developed an on-premise enterprise software called the BeeEye Scoring Engine. The BeeEye Scoring Engine produces a credit-risk scoring (for consumer-credit) using state of the art Machine Learning techniques.
The scoring engine uses internal financial data and enriched data from the web to calculate its prediction (score).
BeeEye’s unique enterprise solution offers three main advantages:

  • An on-premise unified database which holds both financial data and enriched data from the web.
  • The option to use an annonymized subset of the data to train a new model
  • Use the new model score to improve the existing PD and LGD models currently in use by the financial institution

Our Products


Credit scoring model
Our EyeOnRisk© solution is a scoring model trained with advanced machine learning algorithms to help predict the risk of individual consumers. We believe that our solution truly solves the “consumer credit scoring problem” of the new era – how to combine financial and public web data for a more accurate credit scoring model – at a time when competition is increasing and defaults are rising.


Financial offering recommendation
Chances of a specific individual purchasing a specific financial service offering.

The Team


Assaf Binstock

// CEO & Co-Founder

Tomer Fishler

// CVO & Co-Founder

Sivan Rabinovich

// VP R&D & Co-Founder